STP coordinates the development of webinars regarding immersion of the use of 3D printing in VET education.

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Styrian Technology Park – STP

STP, as the first Slovenian technology park is a technology, business & research support organization, which manages its non-profit activities on three different locations in NE Slovenia. As a daughter institution of Regional Development Agency for Podravje region STP represents a focal point of/between business and academia sector.

Two main scopes of activities:
1) STP, being the Nationally Certified Business Support Centre and Accelerator, focusing on provision of comprehensive support for/between SMEs and Academia.
2) Acting as the Regional Centre for Technology Development, pursuing technology transfer, technological & innovative research and development sphere.

STP will coordinate the development of webinar series to pen a discussion about the future of the use of 3D printing in education. STP with partners will lead the technical implementation of online seminars and the specific training materials development for that aim.

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