E4 – Multiplier event in Germany

The E3D+VET Multiplier Event (E4) in Germany took place on the 3rd of February, 2020. It was held in Karlsruhe at the premises of the Seminar Berufliche Schulen Karlsruhe. This event was managed by the partners KIT and SEMKA.

Teachers and professors from a variety of institutes and stakeholders were invited to attend. 

The objectives of the event were:

  • Introduction to the project results.
  • Presentation of the prepared materials and teaching examples.
  • Presentation of the contents of the EVA-Day.
  • Presentation of the 3D suitcase (material suitcase to borrow).
  • Workshop:  Opening of the Inno-Lab.

The event was divided into two parts. In the first part, we presented the project and showed all the results obtained in each of the Intellectual Outputs, emphasizing that all results are accessible from the project website, in different languages. We presented the Platform and its exercises and also showed the App that was already available for free download at play store. After lunch, we held a workshop (divided into two groups) with the teachers to show them in more detail all the results of the project and how to apply our results in the classroom, as well as to talk about the benefits of using 3D Printing in professional training.

In each of the workshops we printed out some USB cases designed to disseminate our project.  

To disseminate the project in a more original way, in addition to the flyers, previously the event, we printed our project logo in 3D with chocolate and we distributed them to all the participants.

During the workshops, the participants showed a lot of interest, there was a discussion about the use and benefit of the use of this technology and the partners answered all the questions that were asked both at a technical and educational level.

Link to the Video: https://youtu.be/4jz6z9OoaiE